Data privacy statement


CO3 project is a European funded project in which 10 partners in 5 countries  are working together. Project manager: Guido Boella. University of Torino.

No data will be transmitted to third parties.

Data Processing

We only use personal data which is stringently required for the website to work properly. All other data will not be used without the permission of the user. Please read the following paragraphs to get to know what types of data we are processing.


information of the computer system used.

The following information will be saved:

  • IP address
  • Date of access

IP addresses are used in order to be able provide the website to your device.

IP addresses and dates will be logged for safety reasons to prevent the website from being misused. Logged information will neither be analysed nor used for marketing purposes. Logged information will be saved for 1 month. This is based on article 6(1) of GDPR.

Legal Caveat

Our website uses cookies. Cookies are text files which are saved in the browser/computer system of the user. We use cookies in order to design the website more user friendly. Some elements of our website require that the browser can be identified when changing sub-pages. Our cookies save the following element:

Log-in information

This cookie is pseudonymised from the technical side of the software, so that it is not possible to allocate the data back to individual users. The data is not saved together with other personal data. This is based on article 6(1)f GDPR.

The user has the full control about cookies saved on her/his device and can delete and prohibit the saving of cookies in the browser settings

Registration with Social Media

It is possible to log-in with your social media profiles (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) in order to comment on blog posts on the website.

The log-in process only happens when the user wishes to do this. It is not an automatic process. If the user wants to log-in with her/his social media account, the user needs to give consent.

Required data

 Facebook: CO3 project requires Facebook to get access to the user profile, which is mandatory in order to be able to comment with the user’s profile. Voluntarily the user can agree on Facebook giving CO3 project access to the friends’ list and email list. This enables the CO3 website to find friends who also use Facebook on the CO3 Website. Friends list and email lists will not be saved by CO3 project.

Twitter: Twitter is able to tweet if the user wishes for it. Twitter does not give any data away to CO3 project, other than the ones needed for identification.

LinkedIn: LinkedIn sends the basic profile to CO3 project, including the name, photo, headline and current positions (if allowed in the LinkedIn settings).

No personal data will be saved by the CO3 project side, except the comments/blog posts posted. The data collection is based on the user’s consent described in article 6(1) of GDPR.

Contact Form

Our website includes a contact form which can be used to contact us. The data the user types in and sends to us will be transferred to us in an encrypted way. All information inserted in the mask will be saved.

It is required to insert a name and an email address, so that we are able to answer to your request. Data will be deleted as soon as they are not needed for the intended purpose. The data collection is based on the user’s consent described in article 6(1)a GDPR.


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